What can we do for you?

You can consult with us in any of these areas:
Help with your research
Application of statistical metods
Survey methodology issues
Advice on qualitative methods
Language and content editing

Consultations on data availability

Help with your research

  • research goals statement
  • design of study
  • measurement process
  • data collection
  • data analysis
  • setup of report structure
  • report language editing (in English or Swedish only)
  • preparation of manuscript for submission to review and publication

Application of statistical methods

  • generalised linear models
  • multivariate analysis (principal components, discriminant analysis, etc)
  • cluster and tree models
  • factor analysis and item response theory models
  • hierarchical analyses
  • machine learning methods (genetic algorithms, artificial neural networks, etc)

Survey methodology issues

  • population frame construction and sampling design
  • questionnaire design and evaluation
  • interaction design and usability
  • data collection (e.g. mixed modes of CATI, web, CAPI, etc)
  • nonresponse (mitigation and measurement)
  • response burden (mitigation and measurement)
  • data editing
  • data analysis (estimation of population paramerters)
  • documentation of results
  • additional topics
  •    price indexes
  •    business surveys design, management, and analysis
  •    new data sources

Advice on qualitative methods

  • think-aloud methods
  • focus groups
  • deep interviews
  • usability studies
  • thematic analysis of textual material

Language and content editing

  • language and content editing of scientific reports and manuscripts (scientific papers, theses, etc)
  • report language editing (in English or Swedish only)
  • preparation of submission of manuscript for review and publication

Tailored courses in

  • statistics
  • survey methodology
  • business surveys
  • qualitative methods

Consultation on availability of official data of relevance to your research